Civil War Galveston

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Need address of CSA Signal Corps Building and I have a photo of the manholee cover in Galveston where the first shot was fired or was it near there? Thanks. Sherry Davis, friend of Bill Bozic.

Dick Dowling and the Battle of Sabine Pass

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Mr. Cotham - My great great grandfather (James Berry Gilliland) was a soldier for the Confederacy at the Battle of Sabine Pass. I have six letters written between James and his wife Angelina Gray Baker from March 21, 1863 and September 12, 1863. They have great details about the hardships during this time and the actual battle. The originals of these letters were in such bad condition that they could not be sent through the mail. I have the typed transcription of these letters, along with a copy of the handwritten letter on Sept. 12. I just sent an email to the Friends of Sabine Pass Battleground. I saw that you have written extensively on this Battle and thought you might also be interested in these letters. I hope they could be exhibited somewhere. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you. Sincerely, Gerry Strater/The Woodlands, Texas

Civil War Marines

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Ed, Am referred to you by the Rosenberg Library. Have you heard of the Von Rosenberg map entitled Reconnaissance Sabine Valley and Vicinity? Dated 1863, in anticipation of a Union invasion of Texas in spring of 1864. Only copy, in 9 parts resides in National Archives- its a wonderfully detail map - each sheet is about 3' x3'- massive and detailed to extraordinary degree. Am looking for the field notes to this map - paid a professional researcher $475 to search for fields notes which the National Archives folks tell me are stored separately form the maps. Rosenberg archivist feels they have no such notes - he searched their inventory - doesn't think they are not there, however, my National Archives researcher made a competent I think and come up empty. Do you have any suggestion on where abouts of Confederate archives that might be worthy of search? Appreciate your help even if no leads.

John Parker, MD

I'm trying to find records from the Texas Dept Marine Division during the Civil War. Do any exist in Texas? Barry Boecher

Reviews and Awards

Chapter on Union Naval Strategy in Texas
"Devotees of American Civil War literature should find their horizons broadened and their understanding of the war enhanced by this book." —Donald S. Frazier, author of Cottonclads
“Ed Cotham has provided for posterity a fine rendering of one of the more amazing battles in American History. Not only was the Battle of Sabine Pass a heroic scale Texan victory, but Cotham tells that larger-than-life story with historical context and clarity that makes the story of Dick Dowling and his stalwarts that much more amazing.” Dr. Don Frazier, Chairman of the History Department at McMurry University and Executive Director of the Grady McWhiney Research Foundation
Released January 2006 by University of Texas Press Reviewers have said this about the book: "Journals of nineteenth-century U.S. Marines are rare, and Henry Gusley's is a truly outstanding account of the shipboard experiences and observation of an enlisted marine...Edward Cotham's scholarship in the introduction and in annotating the journal is outstanding, and he has drawn on the appropriate sources. This is one of the best jobs of editing in the field." Joseph G. Dawson III, Professor of History at Texas A&M University "I found Gusley's notebook fascinating, informative, and ultimately moving...Civil War historians will find the information about the inner workings and day-to-day life aboard U.S. naval vessels patrolling the Gulf of Mexico and the major river systems of the Trans-Mississippi interior highly informative...This book should also find a popular audience. Bright, literate, constantly upbeat, and good-humored despite the many difficult circumstances he found himself in, Gusley is good company for his readers." Patrick Kelly, Associate Professor of History at the University of Texas at San Antonio.